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RV-E and RV-C Series

The RV-E and RV-C reducers are used as the joints of industrial robots. They are very compact and lightweight, while at the same time being highly rigid and overload resistant. In addition, these series feature reduction in backlash, rotational vibration and inertia, which ensures higher accelerating capability, smoother motion, and higher positioning accuracy, thus leading to further enhanced robot controllability.

RD-E and RD-C Series

The RD-E and RD-C Series may be applicable to every type of factory automation (FA) equipment. The advantageous gear head feature based on the RV reducer provides ease of design and configuration of highly accurate position alignment systems.

GH Series

The GH series has been widely adopted in industrial robot transferring, gantry loader robots and other applications. The high-speed and highly accurate positioning capability and highly rigid design make this series best suited for transferring heavier objects. In addition, the gear head type design allows simple one-touch mounting to the main types of servomotors.

Rapid Prototyping Machine (CMET INC.)

This rapid prototyping machine (stereo lithography) produces solid (three-dimensional) models directly from three-dimensional (3D) CAD data sources for producing the intended forms without milling, turning or other machining operations. It does this by adding and bonding photo-curable resin materials in layers to form the models (3D layered prototype manufacturing). It is thus an epoch-making invention that implements a state-of-the-art modeling revolution and also reduces turnaround time from the start of development to the market and lowers consequent costs involved.