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Brake Operating Unit

This brake control system is configured as a unit with a brake operating device that plays the core role in the electric command air brake system and takes charge of coordination with the electric brake, the monitoring of the air brake control and output, anti-skid adhesion control and other tasks, and the air braking valves that provide the output of brake cylinder pressure for service and emergency braking. For the pipe seat on the back, a laminated pipe bracket that contains a passage for the air brake is used, and the valves and equipment for operation and maintenance are located on the front.

EPR2 Electric Type Relay Valve

The EPR2 electric type relay valve consists of an MFC1 electromagnetic control valve for the control of service braking, a VM32-1 electromagnetic valve for the control of emergency braking, and a relay valve for the amplification of capacity and prioritizing of higher orders. It features concentrated multiple functions and drip-proofing, with a compact and lightweight design.

Unit Brake

The unit brake is designed with the integrated functions of conventional foundation brake unit (brake cylinder/caliper mechanism and shoe head) and a built-in automatic slack adjusting mechanism. Compared to existing foundation brake unit, the unit brake features reduced size and weight, simplified maintenance, greater noise protection, and more consistent braking efficiency, as well as allowing:

  • Reduced weight of the bogie
  • Simplified design of the bogie
  • Reduced maintenance of the bogie
  • Reduced noise
  • Consistent output for long periods of time with little variation in mechanical efficiency over time

Air Dryer for Commercial Vehicles

Trucks installed with air-brakes apply the brake using compressed air supplied from the compressor, although the water content of the compressed air can cause rust and/or freezing in any equipment in the air brake system, leading to malfunctioning of the vehicles. The air dryer acts to remove any water content from the compressed air and delivers dried air into the air brake system. EP's air dryers have been adopted by all the heavy-duty truck manufacturers in Japan.

Brake Chamber for Commercial Vehicles

In terms of brakes, there are two types of trucks: those with air-over hydraulic brakes using a hydraulically or pneumatically controlled brake system and those with full-air brake using a full air system. The brake chamber is installed in full-air brake trucks, in which the brake is applied using the pressure of compressed air through the brake chamber.

Microcomputer-Aided Remote Control System for Marine Diesel Engines

This is intended for the remote control of marine diesel engines from the ship's bridge and/or control room. It is provided with functions for the command output of marine diesel engine speed (rpm) and the monitoring of marine diesel engine conditions.

Electric Digital Governor System

This is the speed governor for marine diesel engines to provide optimum control for varying operating conditions with the aid of microcomputer control.