Manufacturing Quality Control

EP's manufacturing plant for the "Precision Equipment" division is located in Tsu, Japan (near Nagoya). The over 200,000 square foot plant is state of the art and highly automated. The plant employs over 400 highly skilled and educated workers to ensure that quality is carried from the early stages of product development throughout final assembly and QC.

The quality control department at the Tsu Plant inspects each of the 25,000+ gearboxes per month the plant produces. Each gearbox is cycled and tested for a backlash measurement to ensure that no item leaves the plant without meeting the required performance level we have established. It is essential to EP that all of our customers receive the highest possible quality product we can produce.

Facts & Figures

Tsu Plant
Plant size: 200,000 sq.ft.
Year Established: 1991
Number of Employees: 400+
Production volume per month (gears): 25,000+
Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, JQA-1190