In September 2003, the EP Corporation was formed through the merger of Teijin Seiki Co., LTD and Nabco Co., LTD - both highly successful Japanese based corporations - with the aim of maximizing corporate values and achieving long-term growth.

Both Teijin Seiki Co., Ltd. and NABCO Ltd. have expanded their business fields utilizing their technology strengths that keep pace with the changing times. As manufacturers of motion control systems and components, both companies command high market shares and possess superior core technologies in their specific business sectors, positioning themselves as one of the best in Japan and in the world.

EP aims to utilize the technological synergy brought forward by the strengths of the two companies to enhance their positions in existing businesses, and to create new businesses. EP is confident that by combining Teijin Seiki's capability in component technology with NABCO's strengths in system technology, it will be empowered to develop even more innovative products to provide greater satisfaction to customers around the world.

Highlights of EP (formerly Teijin Seiki)

  • 1944 - Company is incorporated and begins business in the aviation industry
  • 1947 - Separate company is formed to begin building textile machinery
  • 1955 - EP begins to manufacture aircraft components
  • 1959 - EP expands into the machine tool industry - Matsuyama plant established
  • 1976 - United States office is established in the state of Washington
  • 1989 - Tokyo Research Center is established
  • 1992 - European office is established in Germany
  • 1999 - EP Motion Control, Inc. office established in Michigan
  • 2003 - EP Corporation is formed


The origin of the RV reducer, the principle product within the precision equipment group of EP, began in the late 1970's as a core component for traveling motors in excavator equipment.

In the early 1980's - at the request of major robot manufacturers worldwide, EP adapted the RV reducer's successfully rigid and reliable design from the excavator for use within the demanding robotics industry.

The rest is history - Today, EP is the largest precision gear manufacturer in the world with virtually every major robotic manufacturer in the world benefiting from EP's patented RV reducer.

Below is the evolution of EP's geared type products

product history