Precision Reaches a New Level

EP's high performance reduction gears and servo actuators are widely used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, industrial robots, machine tools and factory automation. For more detailed information about some typical applications of EP products please contact us.

Welding Positioners

welding positioners The Highly Rigid and Accurate RV Reducer is ideal for Headstock / Tailstock, Rotary Table Drives and also for additional robot axes required for integration work. Payload up to 20,000 lbs.

  • Fast & accurate positioning without residual vibration
  • Meets new safety standard for E-Stop requirements
  • Simple installation with short delivery

Antenna Systems

antenna systems Azimuth & Elevation can be precisely controlled with a RV Reducer/Servomotor combination. Accommodates antenna size up to 50 feet.

  • Hollow Shaft unit for wave-guide, cables, etc. to pass through
  • Compact design structure
  • Integrated support bearings provide large moment capacity for wind gusting and larger antenna size support.


robotics The RV Reducer is the standard in the robotics industry with over 2 million units installed since 1985 with new Hollow Shaft & Higher Torque capacity models increasing market share.

  • Low vibration / High resonance frequency
  • Compact, space saving design
  • Hollow shaft version for cables, shafts, etc.
  • High Shock load capacity

ATC Magazines

atc magazines Requirements for this application are met and exceeded through the use of the RV reducer & AR series Servo-Actuator. Accommodates 150 Tool changer at 50° Taper.

  • High speed - up to 100ft./min for chain use
  • Simple built-in sprocket installation
  • Random positioning available - AR Series Actuator
  • Infinite multi-rotation encoder - AR Series Actuator

Medical Imaging Equipment

medical imagine equipment The RV and RD reducers provide the positioning accuracy, rigidity and external load support required by C-Arm, MRI, Gantry and X-Ray imaging equipment. The compact design of our gearbox combined with its 5X rated torque E-Stop capacity meets and exceeds the requirements for safety within the medical industry. Our Hollow Shaft "C" type reducer provides further space saving capabilities to enhance the product design.

Wind Turbine Generators

wind turbine generators With the introduction of our new lightweight and high impact-resistant YAW drive mechanisms, we can adjust to - and match - wind direction for Pitch and Yaw control.

  • 10 or 30 arc-min versions
  • Integrated main bearings
  • 3,000:1 ratio
  • Rated torque = 424,800 in-lbs., Max torque = 814,200 in-lbs.

Rotary Tables

rotary tables The large integrated angular main bearings used in our precision gearboxes allow rotary tables and headstock/tailstocks to be mounted directly to the output flange of our unit - balanced or unbalanced. The RD-C Hollow Shaft gearbox provides a through hole of up to 5" to allow for easy cable pass through and direct fixture access.

  • Thrust load: up to 12,000 lbs.
  • Moment capacity: 780,570 in-lbs.
  • Less than 1 arc-min backlash
  • Up to 5" Hollow Bore
  • Easy motor mounting