RD2 Series Gearbox :: Features

With All the Standard Features of Our Core RV-E Product

rd2 series gear box

  • Less than 1 arc-min Backlash
  • Complete Gear Head version ready-to-mount (grease included)
  • Easy motor mountings
  • Very compact with high torsional rigidity
  • Integrated Angular bearings for large thrust & overhung moment capacity
  • High Ratio availability (up to 258:1) without increasing gearbox size
  • Torque capacity up to 5X rated torque (E-Stop)

The Additional Benefits

  • Incorporated right angle solution beneficial in tight spaces
  • External Driving shaft for Belt or pulley sytems
  • New universal motor shaft connection
  • Minimal Assembly required, off the shelf ready to mount

Configuration Types

rd2 series gearbox configuration types