RV-E Series Gearbox :: Features

rd-v series gear box
  • Less than 1 arc-min Backlash
  • Very compact with high torsional rigidity
  • Component in-line version for greater design and space saving flexibility
  • Very compact with high torsional rigidity
  • Integrated Angular bearings for large thrust & overhung moment capacity
  • High Ratio availability (up to 185:1) without increasing gearbox size
  • Torque capacity up to 5X rated torque (E-Stop)

The Standard in-line RV-E reducer provides high-end performance in a very compact and highly rigid component type configuration. The unit incorporates rolling contact elements to provide high efficiency and long life, integrated angular bearings to support external loads and a 2-stage reduction design to reduce vibration and inertia while increasing ratio capabilities.

The RV-E model is also available in Belt / Pulley arrangements. Please contact EP for further information.

Long Lifetime and Reliability

The EP Reducer consists of a patented two-stage cycloidal design that provides large torque, high-ratio and significant shock-load capabilities with extreme precision and excellent quality. The RV utilizes rolling contact elements to reduce wear, extend life and lower backlash with the unique pin and gear structure of the cycloidal design providing higher shock resistance than traditional reducers and further reducing backlash. The reducer also incorporates a set of large, internal angular support bearings that provide large moment capacities and negate the need for external support devices.

The virtually symmetrical gear design and the support of all shafts by roller bearings guarantee a constant performance during the lifetime and allow short time peak loads of up to 5 times the given rated torque (i.e. for emergency stops).

Design Benefits

Integrated Angular Support Bearings increase reducer rigidity as well as provide the reducer with the ability to support large external moments. Thus eliminating the need for external support devices, reducing the number of components required and increasing reliability and reducing overall cost.

100% Continuous Contact of the cycloidal pin & gear teeth design provides high shock load capacity and very low backlash since forces are distributed throughout the reducer.

The Patented 2-Stage Reduction Mechanism reduces vibration due to the lower speed rotation of the two cycloidal gears while the reduced input coupling size lowers inertia. A wide variety of ratios are possible by simply changing the first stage spur gear combinations.

The use of Rolling Contact Elements throughout the reducer helps to provide an excellent starting efficiency; low wear with long life expectancy, and low backlash.

High Positioning Accuracy

The angular transmission accuracy between the input and output shaft is described by the transmission error. The test result beside exemplarily shows the superior precision of these gears.

Measurement: With the input gear fixed, the rated torque is applied to the output shaft in both directions and the elasticity is measured. At zero load (dead center), the distance delta-phi between upper and lower boundary graph of the hysteresis area is maximum 1 arc min.