1. Three Basic Dimensions
Pitch, Roller Diameter and Inner Width are referred to as the “Three Basic Dimensions of Roller Chain.” When these three dimensions are identical, roller chains and sprockets are dimensionally compatible.

2. Basic Parts
Link Plate
The plate may be the component that bears the tension placed on the chain. Usually that is a repeated loading, occasionally accompanied by shock. For that reason, the plate must not only have got great static tensile power, it must also endure to the dynamic forces of load and shock.

The pin is subject to shearing and Leaf Chain bending forces transmitted by the plate. At the same time, it forms a load-bearing part (alongside the bush) when the chain flexes during sprocket engagement. Therefore, the pin requirements high tensile and shear strength, resistance to bending, and must also have sufficient stamina against shock and wear.

The bush is subject to complex forces from all parts, especially from the repetition of shock loads when the chain engages the sprocket. For that reason, the bush needs extremely high shock resistance. In addition, the bush forms a load-bearing part alongside the pin and as such requires great wear level of resistance.

The roller is at the mercy of impact load since it mates with the sprocket teeth during engagement of the chain with the sprocket. After engagement, the roller changes its stage of contact and balance. It is held between the sprocket tooth and bush, and moves on the tooth face while receiving a compression load. As a result, it should be resistant to use and still have power against shock, fatigue and compression. (RS25 and RS35 are bush chains and do not have rollers).

Roller Link
Two bushes are press fit into two roller hyperlink plates and rollers are inserted to allow rotation around the exterior of the bushes during procedure. This is the same for solitary and for multi strand chains.

Pin Hyperlink and Intermediate Plate
The pin link consists of two pins that have been press match two pin link plates. In case of multi-strand roller chain up till size 08B, an intermediate plate can be added to the pin link. In the event of multistrand roller chain above size 08B, two intermediate plates are added to the pin hyperlink. The intermediate plates are slip fit for standard roller chain and press suit for SUPER roller chain.