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Reducer Spiral Bevel Helical Pace Reduction Variator Agricultural Cycloidal Servo Higher precision  Planetary Winch Keep track of Wheel Slewing Push Nmrv Worm Gearbox 


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Worm gearbox: RV sequence, WP collection, SWL collection screw jack, VF series 

Helical gearbox: R/F/K/S series, HB sequence, BKM collection, RC sequence, SMR shaft mounted gearbox, TA shaft mounted gearbox

Cycloidal gearboxes: BL/XL flange vertical put in double shaft kind, BW/XW baseboard horizontal put in double shaft variety, BLD/XLD flange vertical put in motor immediate-link type, BWD/XWD baseboard horizontal mounted motor immediate-relationship type

Planetary gearbox: High precision planetary gearboxes, Planetary gearbox for feed mixer, Planetary gearbox for construction mixer, Travel drives, Winch drives, Slew drives, Inline equipment reducer

Agricultural gearbox: Planetary gearbox for feed mixer, Flail Mower Gearbox, Rotary Tiller Gearbox, Lawn Mower Gearbox, rotary cutter gearbox, submit hole gearbox, rotary mower gearbox, irrigation gearbox, fertilizer spreader gearbox, hydraulic drive gearbox, rotary rakes gearbox, hay tedders gearbox, sewage agitators gearbox, cutter bars gearbox, snowblower gearbox…

Our Rewards

–Box processing accuracy assurance
    Big horizontal box machining center
    Higher-stop completely automatic multi-axis CNC uninteresting and milling device
    Fully CNC high-precision processing makes certain the accuracy of gap place

–Fourth stage precision of precision gear grinding
    The tooth surface area is carburized and hardened, which is durable
    Fine rolling and grinding method, large effectiveness, secure and reduced sounds

–Automatic numerical management workshop
    Standardized CNC generation workshop
    Go the ISO9001 top quality system certification
    Effective operation to guarantee production period

–Diversified configuration and matching as essential
    It can be outfitted with frequent a few-stage/solitary-stage, braking, frequency conversion, explosion-proof, servo, and other motors.
    Diverse motor voltage/frequency, security quality, and power efficiency grade can be configured.
    Customizable enter finish cover matching non-common power input system

–Automatic painting assembly line
    Totally automatic portray assembly line
    Ensure each inner and exterior goods
    Beautiful visual appeal and manufacturer expression

–Rich customization layout ability
    Design technologies group with much more than 20 many years of knowledge
    Can undertake customization of various non-common reducers


Company Profile


The company specializes in producing worm gearboxes (reducers), agricultural gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, helical gearboxes, swl collection screw gearboxes, R, K, F, S sequence helical equipment reducers, B/X collection cycloidal pin gear reducers, and so forth. The merchandise are exported to dozens of countries and locations in Europe, The united states, Japan, India, Brazil, and so forth. The merchandise are mainly used in plastics, rubber, metallurgy and mining, petrochemical market, hoisting and transportation, light-weight industrial foods, and other fields.

The company has exact and sensitive gear, tough tooth floor processing, and producing equipment: German and Swiss gear grinders, gear testers, hobbing machines, large uninteresting and milling devices, Japanese machining centers, and many others.
A lot more than twenty initiatives, this sort of as the higher torque reducer developed by the firm, have received the nationwide patent creation certificate and also gained the nationwide “substantial-tech organization certification” in 2571.
Given that its establishment in 2003, the firm has adhered to the notion of “sustainable procedure,” the organization philosophy of “men and women-oriented, customer first,” and the core values of “unity, friendship, dedication, innovation, and effectiveness.” The firm retains up with the slicing-edge technology in the market place and strives to create the most satisfactory merchandise for clients!


Item processing movement

Box processing procedure

Mechanical modeling of metallic mould → casting on generation line → artificial growing older treatment method → shot peening remedy → machining center processing → CMM detection

Gear processing procedure

Forging → normalizing → rough turning → fantastic turning → gear hobbing → chamfering of tooth stop → carburizing and quenching (HRC58-62) → shot blasting → grinding of the stop face and internal gap → equipment grinding → accuracy tests (tooth form, tooth orientation, tooth pitch, and many others., level 6) → wire chopping keyway → magnetic particle flaw detection → ultrasonic cleaning and rust prevention.

Procedure flow of equipment shaft processing

Forging → normalizing → rough turning (which includes center gap drilling) → complete turning → equipment hobbing → keyway milling → carburizing and quenching (HRC58-62) → shot blasting → grinding middle gap → excircle grinding → gear grinding → screening (tooth form, tooth pitch, and so forth., level 6) → magnetic particle inspection → ultrasonic cleaning and rust prevention.




Packaging & Shipping and delivery


How to select reducer

To determine the product of a reducer, the pursuing parameters need to have to be decided:

one. Decide the working pace of the machine, and estimate the reduction ratio of the reducer according to this velocity (reduction ratio=enter shaft pace/output shaft speed=motor pace/mechanical required velocity)
2. Determine the load torque, decide on the output of the reducer according to this torque (refer to the “Output Torque Table” presented by the reducer maker), and figure out the reducer design
three. Figure out the added capabilities of the reducer, this sort of as electrical power off braking, energy on braking, frequency conversion, shrink frame, housing materials, and so forth. Some added functions can only be offered by specific factories.

US $10-99
/ Piece
100 Pieces

(Min. Order)


Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Marine, Toy, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Layout: Coaxial
Hardness: Soft Tooth Surface
Step: Stepless
Transport Package: Wooden Box
Specification: Customize


US$ 9999/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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US $10-99
/ Piece
100 Pieces

(Min. Order)


Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Marine, Toy, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Layout: Coaxial
Hardness: Soft Tooth Surface
Step: Stepless
Transport Package: Wooden Box
Specification: Customize


US$ 9999/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Condition Monitoring of Cyclone Gearboxes

Whether you’re considering using a cycloidal gearbox in your home, office, or garage, you’ll want to make sure it’s made of quality material. You also want to make sure it’s designed properly, so it won’t be damaged by vibrations.helical gearbox

Planetary gearboxes

Compared to cycloidal gearboxes, planetary gearboxes are lighter and more compact, but they lack the precision and durability of the former. They are better suited for applications with high torque or speed requirements. For this reason, they are usually used in robotics applications. But, cycloidal gearboxes are still better for some applications, including those involving shock loads.
There are many factors that affect the performance of gearboxes during production. One of these is the number of teeth. In the case of planetary gearboxes, the number of teeth increases with the number of planets. The number of teeth is reduced in cycloidal gearboxes, which results in higher transmission ratios. These gearboxes also have lower breakaway torques, which means that they can be controlled more easily by the user.
A cycloid gearbox is comprised of three main parts: the ring gear, the sun gear, and the input shaft. The ring gear is fixed in the gearbox, while the sun gear transmits the rotation to the planet gears. The input shaft transfers motion to the sun gear, which in turn transmits it to the output shaft. The output shaft has a larger torque than the input shaft.
Cycloid gears have better torsional stiffness, lower wear, and lower Hertzian contact stress. However, they are also larger in size and require highly accurate manufacturing. Cycloid gears can be more difficult to manufacture than involute gears, which require large amounts of precision.
Cycloid gears can offer transmission ratios up to 300:1, and they can do this in a small package. They also have lower wear and friction, which makes them ideal for applications that require a high transmission ratio.
Cycloid gearboxes are usually equipped with a backlash of about one angular minute. This backlash provides the precision and control necessary for accurate movement. They also provide low wear and shock load capacity.
Planetary gearboxes are available in single and two-stage designs, which increase in length as stages are added. In addition to the two stages, they can be equipped with an optional output bearing, which takes up mounting space. In some applications, a third stage is also available.

Involute gears

Generally, involute gears are more complex to manufacture than cycloidal gears. For example, an involute gear tooth profile has a single curve while a cycloidal gear tooth profile has two curves. In addition, the involute curve is not within the base circle.
The involute curve is a very important component of a gear tooth and it can significantly influence the quality of contact meshing between teeth. Various works have been done on the subject, mainly focusing on the operating principles. In addition, the most important characteristic of the double-enveloping cycloid drive is its double contact lines between the meshing tooth pairs.
Cycloid gears are more powerful, less noisy, and last longer than involute gears. They also require less manufacturing operations during production. However, cycloid gears are more expensive than involute gears. Involute gears are more commonly used in linear motions while cycloid gears are used for rotary motions.
Although cycloid gears are more technically advanced, involute gears have the superior quality and are more aesthetically pleasing. Cycloid gears are used in various industrial applications such as pumps and compressors. They are also widely used in the watch industry. Nevertheless, involute gears have not yet replaced cycloid gears in the watch industry.
The cycloid disc has a number of pins around its outer edge, while an involute gear has only a single curve for the teeth. In addition, cycloid gears have a more robust and reliable design. Involute gears, on the other hand, have a cheaper rack cutter and less expensive involute teeth.
The cycloid disc’s transmission accuracy is about 98.5%, while the ring gear’s transmission accuracy is about 96%. The cycloid disc’s rotational velocity has a magnitude of 3 rad/s. A small change in the center distance does not affect the transmission accuracy. However, rotational velocity fluctuation can affect the transmission accuracy.
Cycloid gears also have the cycloid gear disc’s rotational velocity. The disc has N lobes. However, the cycloid gear disc’s transmission accuracy is still not perfect. This is because of the large rotational angles between the lobes. This also makes it difficult to manufacture.helical gearbox


Using modern techniques for vibration diagnostics and data-driven methods, this article presents a new approach to condition monitoring of cycloidal gearboxes. This approach focuses on detecting the root cause of gearbox failure. The article aims to provide a unified approach to gear designers.
A cycloidal gearbox is a high-precision gearbox that is used in heavy-duty machines. It has a large reduction ratio, which makes it necessary to have a very large input speed. Cycloid gears have high accuracy, but they are susceptible to vibration issues. In this article, the authors describe how a cycloidal gearbox works and how vibrations are measured. They also show how this gearbox can be used to detect faults.
The gearbox is used in positioners, multi-axis robots, and heavy-duty machines. The main characteristics of this gearbox are the high accuracy, the overload capacity, and the large reduction ratio.
There is little documentation on vibrations and condition monitoring of cycloidal gearboxes. The authors describe their approach to the problem, using a cycloidal gearbox and a testing bench. Their approach involves measuring the frequency of the gearbox with different input speeds.
The results show a good separation between the healthy and damaged states. Fault frequencies show up in the lower orders of frequencies. Faults can be detected using binning, which eliminates the need for a tachometer. In addition, binning is combined with Principal Component Analysis to determine the state of the gearbox.
This method is compared to traditional techniques. In addition, the results show how binning can be used to calculate the defect frequencies of the bearings. It is also used to determine the frequencies of the components.
The signals from the test bench are acquired using four sensors. These sensors are medium sensitivity 100 mV/g accelerometers. The signals are then processed using different signal processing techniques. The results show that the vibration signals are correlated with the internal motion of the gearbox. This information is used to identify the internal frequency of the transmission.
The frequency analysis of vibration signals is performed in cyclostationary and noncyclostationary conditions. The signals are then analyzed to determine the magnitude of the gear meshing frequency.helical gearbox


Using precision gearboxes, servomotors can now control heavy loads at high speed. Unlike cam indexing devices, cycloidal gears provide extremely accurate positioning and high torque. They also provide excellent torsional stiffness and shock load capacity.
Cycloid gears are specially designed to minimize vibration at high RPM. Unlike involute gears, they are not stacked, which reduces friction and forces experienced by each tooth. In addition, cycloidal gears have lower Hertzian contact stress.
Cycloid gears are often used in multi-axis robots for positioners. They can provide transmission ratios as high as 300:1 in a compact package. They are also used in first joints in heavy machines. However, they require extremely accurate manufacturing. They are also more difficult to produce than involute gears.
A cycloidal gearbox is a type of planetary gearbox. Cycloid gears are specially designed for high gear ratios. They also have the ability to provide a large reduction ratio in a single stage. They are increasingly used in first joints in heavy machines. They are also becoming more common in robotics.
In order to achieve a large reduction ratio, the input speed of the gear must be very high. Generally, the input speed is between 500 rpm and 4500 rpm. However, in some cases, the input speed may be lower.
A cycloid is formed by rolling a rolling circle on a base circle. The ratio between the rolling circle diameter and the base circle diameter determines the shape of the cycloid. A hypocycloid is formed by rolling primarily on the inside of the base circle, while an epicycloid is formed by rolling primarily on the outside of the base circle.
Cycloid gears have a very small backlash, which minimizes the forces experienced by each tooth. These gears also have a good torsional stiffness, low friction, and shock load capacity. They also provide the best positioning accuracy.
The cycloidal gearbox was designed and built at Radom University. The design was based on three different cycloidal gears. The first pair had the external profile at the nominal dimension, while the second pair had the profile minus tolerance. The load plate had threaded screw holes arranged 15 mm away from the center.
China Reducer Spiral Bevel Helical Speed Reduction Variator Agricultural Cycloidal Servo High Precision Planetary Winch Track Wheel Slewing Drive Nmrv Worm Gearbox     cycloidal gear reducer designChina Reducer Spiral Bevel Helical Speed Reduction Variator Agricultural Cycloidal Servo High Precision Planetary Winch Track Wheel Slewing Drive Nmrv Worm Gearbox     cycloidal gear reducer design
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