First, we ought to consider the exhaust pressure and the volume of the exhaust.

According to the national regular, the exhaust pressure of general purpose air flow compressor is 0.7 MPa (7 atmospheric pressure) and the old standard is 0.8 MPa (8 atmospheric pressure). Because the style functioning pressure of pneumatic equipment and wind machinery is normally 0.4 Mpa, the functioning pressure of surroundings compressor can fully meet the requirements. If the air compressor utilized by the consumer is larger than 0.8MPa, it should be specially manufactured. The technique of forced pressurization can not be adopted to avoid accidents.

How big is the exhaust can be one of the primary parameters of the air compressor. Choosing the surroundings volume of the air compressor should match its exhaust quantity and leave a 10% margin. If the atmosphere volume is huge and the surroundings compressor exhaust volume is little, when the pneumatic tools start, the exhaust pressure of the surroundings compressor will be significantly reduced, but the pneumatic tools can not be driven. Of course, it is also wrong to pursue large exhaust capacity blindly, because the larger the exhaust capability, the larger the motor allocated by the atmosphere compressor, not merely the higher the purchase price, but also a waste of purchasing funds, and the usage of electricity and energy will become wasted.

Consider the mixture of gas areas and conditions.

If the utilization of air space is narrow, it should be vertical; if there is a long-distance modification in the usage of air (more than 500 m), mobile type should be considered; if the use of electricity can not be used, diesel engine driving type ought to be selected; if there is simply no circulating drinking water in the usage of occasions, air-cooled type ought to be chosen. In the air-cooled and water-cooled cooling settings, many users have a wrong proven fact that water-cooled is good, but in fact it is not. The air-cooled type accounts for a lot more than 90% of the small compressors in the home and abroad. This is since the air-cooled type is easy in design no water source is necessary in use. There are four fatal shortcomings of water-cooled compressor: it must have a complete higher and lower water program with large expenditure; water-cooled cooler has short life; it is easy to freeze the cylinder in wintertime in the north; it’ll waste a lot of water in regular operation.

After that consider the compressed quality of air.

Generally, compressed air made by air compressor contains a particular quantity of lubricating oil and water. In some instances, it really is prohibited from essential oil and water. At this time, attention should be paid not only to selecting compressor, but also to the addition of auxiliary devices when necessary.

Lastly, it is to expand the knowledge of reference.

1. Balance: With the solid rise of China’s economy and the continuous emancipation of the minds of all sorts of manufacturers, manufacturers from coast to coast are busy with production work. In the process of production, surroundings compressors, which play an essential role, are often completely loaded and operate all-weather. In the entire production of factories, atmosphere compressor gas production is definitely unstable, which is an extremely troublesome thing, often will bring incalculable losses. Gearbox Therefore, when we purchase atmosphere compressors, the initial criterion is the stability of atmosphere compressors. At the moment, some high-end brands both in the home and abroad can meet this requirement. With the mature technology of adjustable frequency air flow compressor, it could be said to meet this requirement.

2. Gas creation: The second reason is gas creation. Some enterprises possess very good quality of gas. For instance, in the pharmaceutical sector, basically the gas they want is oil-free. In this respect, it is still predicated on the enterprise’s very own situation. If the enterprise includes a high demand for this, then it’s been a long time to buy more well-known devices. If the demand is not high, it depends on other circumstances. As the near future development craze of the atmosphere compressor industry, the adjustable frequency air compressor continues to be very superb in gas production, since the variable frequency atmosphere compressor includes a prominent characteristic of monitoring gas production, and at the same time the gas quality created is very considerable.

3. Power consumption: That is a comparatively important place as well as the focus of dialogue, because air compressor, as a basic equipment, is generally managed all-weather, and atmosphere compressor itself is an extremely power-consuming equipment, the overall manufacturer of atmosphere compressor power consumption makes up about 20-30% of the total plant power intake. If effective control, the result is very obvious. Many domestic enterprises are now pursuing the bottom price. In fact, the bottom price is rather one-sided. For general creation enterprises, the purchase price of surroundings compressor only accounts for 5% of the full total cost of surroundings compressor, 9% of the maintenance and labor costs, and 86% of the full total cost of energy. Therefore, considering the last expenditure, the frequency transformation air compressor should be much lower than the ordinary surroundings compressor. Frequency conversion air compressor is only the first investment, but if you take the electricity price into account, you really can calculate a bill. Nowadays, the general energy-saving amount of rate of recurrence converter surroundings compressor is very objective, and the domestic professional frequency converter air flow compressor, its power-saving price is as high as 30%, usually within a yr can recover the difference. Therefore, whenever choosing air flow compressor, choosing a good variable frequency surroundings compressor is really the very best alternative to the problem of power consumption.