FHDFS Type Floating Shaft Couplings
The FHDFS Sort coupling consists of two flex-rigid couplings and one floating shaft. The coupling is supplied with all the rigid hubs outboard unless otherwise specified. The coupling comes with exposed bolts only.
Flex Hubs for extended life
Common 20° strain angle
Heat treated bolts for better strength
Corrosion resistant bolts and nuts for ease of servicing
Accommodates parallel and angular misalignment
Elimination of center assembly permits forease of maintenance with out repositioning machinery
Rigid hubs outboard allows for bigger shaft diameters
Created for high-torque low-speed applications that arise in mill operations
Ordering Info
Application: Driver and Driven.
Form and dimension of coupling, horizontal, vertical and so forth.
Electrical power: Motor horspower or torque requirement.
Speed: Motor RPM or Driven RPM.
Distance involving shaft ends (BSE).
Connecting tools shaft sizes.
Specify which hubs are to get used on the tools (Rigid or Flex).
Rigid hubs are going to be utilized about the products except if otherwise specified.
Length of floating shaft may well impact max angular misalignment.

FMM Variety Mill Couplings
The FMM Style coupling consists of 1 conventional flex hub, one universal straight bored hub as regular, two sleeves and one particular accessory kit. This coupling is supplied with exposed bolts as typical. Shrouded bolts are available on request through dimension five.five.
For extended life
Conventional 20° pressure angle
Heat treated bolts for greater strength
Corrosion resistant bolts and nuts for ease of upkeep
Presents parallel, angular misalignment and end float
Flex Half coupling interchangeable with industry standards
Extended Universal Hub provided to consumer specifications with straight or tapered bores
Ordering Information and facts
Application: Driver and Driven.
Style and size of coupling, horizontal, vertical and so on.
Power: Motor horspower or torque necessity.
Velocity: Motor RPM or Driven RPM.
Distance concerning shaft ends (BSE).
Shaft sizes.
Taper per foot and length of taper if tapered bore is needed.
Specify counterbore dimensions if sought after.
Submit a drawing if offered.