fluid coupling

We offer the fluid coupling and knowledge you want to preserve your company in motion and make certain that absolutely nothing slows you down.

With a selection of items customised to your application, our fluid couplings are made to give you complete manage above your device commence-ups, enhancing effectiveness even though preserving time and funds in servicing and downtime.

With a powerful perception in innovation, we use over fifty many years of knowledge and expertise to create and offer the very best couplings accessible for your enterprise.

At KTR, we are a major company of higher-grade electrical power transmission technological innovation, braking and cooling methods, and hydraulic parts.

Every single model has its advantage. The interior wheel drive calls for significantly less electricity throughout the commence-up of the motor and has standardisation of bores for uniform shafts of the electric powered motors. With a hold off chamber, the inner wheel travel also has a sluggish-commence up as the oil is sucked into the workspace. Alternatively, the outer wheel push has good warmth dissipation which can make it perfect for purposes with recurrent or long beginning procedures. The outer wheel also has an easier oil location, which implies that it can be turned out without relocating the generate or the driven equipment.

If you are truly confused regarding Auger Drive, our experts’ encourage could aid you in the URl.