Moore Gear and Manufacturing Company has built a national reputation because the 1930’s as a custom producer of gears and equipment racks. For Moore Gear, every work is a particular order with precise specs and stringent deadlines.

gear rack
Customers in the industrial, agricultural, machine tool and industrial markets throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico have come to rely upon Ohio Belting and Moore Equipment for precision products and reliable delivery. Continued investment in the most recent machine tool and electronic technology assure a state-of-the-art product, and maintain Moore Gear’s top quality levels at a reasonable cost.

Custom and stock equipment racks are produced on the most recent CNC rack devices. All gear racks have tight tolerances on the tooth to tooth spacing, a great machined finish on the teeth, and a steady pitchline to back again dimension. All this translates into a smooth, steady ride for the pinion.

Custom equipment racks are made-to-order in a variety of sizes (rectangular, planetary gearbox square, circular and hex) and lengths with available customizing services. In addition they manufacture helical gear racks. All gear racks can be milled and matched for constant travel and drilled per consumer specifications.

If the gear rack you are buying is too expensive, call us and we are able to help solve your trouble.