“H” CLASS Refuse Drag Chains is utilized for conveying sawdust,wood chips, pulp, garbage, tankage, ashes, and other abrasive spend through either wooden or steel troughs. Due to its huge, wide opening area, “H” CLASS Refuse Drag Chain provides sizeable having capacity when operated at moderate speeds.
The front face of each barrel is flat, providing a broad area to push Transmission Chain material along the trough and to keep the chaim from riding over the top of the material. The rounded inner part of the barrel can be carefully shaped to create excellent sprocket contact. Sidebars are reinforced with wearing shoes which provide both
additional wearing surface area and stiffening for the link. A vertical member on each sidebar assures added hyperlink rigidity and shields the pin from harm.
“H”CLASS Refuse Drag Chain is available in EVRT-POWER Promal or Duramal with a tensile strength selection of 36,400 to 52,000 pounds. This tough working chain comes in a pitch range of 5.000 to 8.000 inches. Each link is produced in accordance with manufacturer’s standards and may be interchanged with links created by other chain manufacturers. “H”CLASS Refuse Drag Chain comes in riveted construction only. Grease chambers, cored into each link’s barrel, hold grease which lubricates pins.
Wide faced sprockets, either of machined or cast steel, are recommended for”H” class Refuse Drag Chain operation. Links should always be operate in the direction of the closed barrel.