SPN planetary gear products excel because of their wide range of feasible applications. High rigidity coupled with low radial backlash for his or her dynamic positioning role. An extremely efficient, compact design for continuous procedure of your smart option. Or optimal even running properties through surface helical gears. What perform you take into account to be important when choosing a gear unit? You decide which requirements your equipment unit should fulfil.

The essential design of a planetary gear unit consists of a sun gear, a ring gear and many planetary gears. The planetary gears are backed by the ring equipment and rotate around the sun gear. This operating basic principle provided the name to this kind of gear unit. The apparatus unit’s drive and output functions can be performed by the sun gear, the housing or the planetary carrier, depending on the design.

In the most common design, the epicyclic gear unit, the drive function is performed by sunlight gear, the output function by the planetary carrier, and the housing is stationary. This design has a positive impact on the inner forces in the apparatus unit. The strain distribution over many planetary gears enables high torques to be planetary gearbox transmitted in a compact design. The utilization of helical gears reduces the running noises.