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X Series cyclodal geamotor features:

1.X series cycloidal gearmotor is a reducer designed by cycloid needle teeth coupled planetary transmission principle.
simple structure, convenient maintenance

2.Cast iron housing,compact construction,steady running,high efficiency

3.The products have been mainly used in machinery fields, such as chemical agitator, metallurgy, mine transmission,printing and packaging,brick,leather,etc

A cycloidal drive or cycloidal speed reducer is a mechanism for reducing the speed of an input shaft by a certain ratio. Cycloidal speed reducers are capable of relatively high ratios in compact sizes with very low backlash. 
The input shaft drives an eccentric bearing that in turn drives the cycloidal disc in an eccentric, cycloidal motion. The perimeter of this disc is geared to a stationary ring gear and has a series of output shaft pins or rollers placed through the face of the disc. These output shaft pins directly drive the output shaft as the cycloidal disc rotates. The radial motion of the disc is not translated to the output shaft.

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Cycloidal pinwheel reducer is a kind of application of planetary transmission principle, using novel transmission device of cycloid pin gear meshing. Cycloidal reducer all transmission device can be divided into three parts: input part, deceleration part and output part. Dislocation on the input shaft is equipped with a 180 ° of the double eccentric sleeve, turn on the eccentric sleeve is equipped with two called arm of roller bearing, the formation of H, two cycloid gear center hole is the eccentric sleeve on the turning arm bearing raceway, and by a group of cycloid gear and pin gear mesh circular permutation needle, to form tooth difference, for the internal meshing gear reducer is institutions (in order to reduce friction, in small ratio of speed reducer, the needle with needle teeth on the gear set).
When the input shaft with eccentric sleeve rotation for a week, because of the characteristic of the cycloid gear tooth profile curve and its restricted by needle on the gear teeth, the movement of the cycloid gear becoming both revolution and rotation of the plane movement, as the input shaft is made for a week, eccentric sleeve also turn the week, cycloidal wheel turned a gear reduction is obtained in the opposite direction, and then with the help of W output mechanism, the cycloid gear rotates at low speed movement through the pin shaft, passed to the output shaft, low output speed can be achieved.


1. High Speed Ratio And Efficiency

    Single stage transmission can reach to 1:87 of speed-down ratio and the efficiency is more than 90%. If use multi-speed drive the speed-down ratio is bigger.

2. Compact Structure And Small Size
    Being adapted epicyclic transmission principle,the input & output shaft are at same axis center,it is compact.

3. Smooth And Stable Run And Low Noise
    The cycloidal pinwheel has more meshed teeth, the overlapping coefficient id big and the machine part is stable, the vibration and noise is limited at the minimum content.

4. Reliable In Operation And Long Life
    Because the main parts are made of bearing steel through quenching treatment(HRC58-62), it got high strength. Meanwhile the transmission contact of part adapts rolling friction, so it is durable and long life.

5. Strong Overload Capacity, Resistant To Impact, Small Moment Of Inertia.
    It is used for the occasion of frequently starting and positive and negative rotary.

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Applicable industry:
They are widely used in drive and retarding device in various fields of textile and dying, foodstuff, mining and metallurgy, Oil and chemical Industry, cranes and conveyors and engineering machinery etc.