500 CLASS BUCKET ELEVATOR CHAINS STAINLESS STEEL CHIAN(567/574/578/503/504/500/330) is a heavyweight, moderately priced chain able to handle average loads at sluggish or intermediate speeds. It really is proportionately cast for stability, strength and long, efficient service, and is available in cottered construction. The head of each pin is usually notched to fit the sidebar locking lug which will keep the pin from rotating when the chain is used. Closed bearing structure makes 500 Stainless Steel Chain Course BUCKET ELEVA TOR CHAINS useful in conveying gritty and abrasive materials.
Manufactured in HZPT CHAINS, with a tensile strength range from 12,500 to 40,000 pounds, 500 CLASS BUCKET ELEVATOR CHAINS is thoroughly cored for pitch precision with simple bearing surfaces that reduce “break-in” wear causing pitch elongation.
500 CLASS BUCKET ELEVATOR CHAINS comes in a pitch range of 2.32 to 6.30 inches with a complete assortment of Brutaloy or cast steel sprockets.
A large assortment of attachments can be found to handle a wide variety of applications. Styles K1,K2 ,F2 and G attachments can be found in right and left hands links.
As a drive chain, 500 Course Pintle is designed to travel in direction of the barrel end of the links;as an elevating or conveying chain, its direction of travel ought to be toward the open ends of the links.
All 500 Course BUCKET ELEVATOR CHAINS is manufactured according to manufacturer’s standards and is completely interchangeable.