China fluid coupling
KX is a constant stuffed fluid coupling with a special patented oil circuit designed to start off up massive inertia machines driven by electric powered motors

Oil or drinking water continuous fill
Compact and reduced starting up torque style
Large temperature Viton seals
ATEX design and style offered
Dimensions from 15 to 29
Electrical power from 100 to 1340hp
Interior fuse plug
Normal applications:

Opened drinking water fill for mine apps

China fluid coupling
BM-Sequence Flexible Couplings

BM Gear Couplings are made for shaft-to-shaft set up, suited for all engineering functions exactly where a steady transmission of energy is needed.

Positive aspects:

Almost maintenance totally free – “NO Grease Required”
Shock and vibration damping
Compensation of misalignments
Quick and straightforward change of adaptable components
Fall short-safe and able of withstanding higher overloads
17 various dimensions accessible with torque functionality exceeding 33100NM (24,414.56 lbs-ft)

china fluid coupling is utilized to fit in any type of daily program.