Agnee manufacture customized precision Gear Rack and Pinions in Helical tooth type in steel, stainless , cast iron , brass , bronze, plastic material, hylam etc.Heat therapy facility can be offered. Continuous length of Gear Racks up to 2500mm are possible. Agnee includes a dedicated facility for preicision Equipment Rack and Pinion slicing in volume ensuring quality at highly competitive prices.Helical Gear Rack and Pinion GearsPitch 1.0 Module/ 25 D.P. to 20 Module/1.5 D.P. Face Widths up to 250 mm/9″ Length upto 1500 mm/60″ Made of Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Hardened and Tempered Steels, Case carburised, Case Hardened Steels, Cast Iron, or as specified tailor made as per Specifications, Drawing or Sample For Automotive and Industrial make use of Required information for quotation of Gear planetary gearbox RacksMaterial of Structure – steel, hardening and tempering necessary etc Tooth Specification – pitch Face Width Length Holding holes if any Amount Any other requirement