ISG/IRG/ISW/ISGB/IHG/YG Pipeline centrifugal pump
one.IRG,ISW horizontal and vertical clear water pump is made use of to supply clear water along with other liquid whose physical and chemical characters are equivalent to clear water, and is suitable for industrial and municipal water provide and sewerage, boosting water supply of high-rise creating, garden irrigation, boosting for fire fighting, long-distance delivery, heating and ventilating refrigeration circulation.
two.IRG,ISW horizontal and vertical sizzling water pump is suitable for: metallurgy, chemiacl sector, weaving, paper making.
three.IRG,ISW horizontal and vertical chemical pump is applied to supply liquid that is with no solid particles, corrosive and related to water in viscosity.
four.ISGB vertical pipe centrifugal pump is actually a type of products which has new construction and state-of-the-art technology, and is researched over the basis of ISG-type pump.
five.ISGB vertical pipe centrifugal pump delivers clear water together with other liquid whose bodily and chemical characters are related to clear water.(lf the media delivered is with particles, it need to be described when ordering so as to assemble wearing mechanic seal).
6.IHG-type vertical pipe chemical pump is utilised to deliver liquid which can be without having sound particles, has corrosion and more powerful viscosity than water. It can be appropriate for such departments as petroleum, chemical market, metallurgy, electric electrical power, paper manufacture, meals and pharmacy, synthetic fiber. Its operation temperature is involving -20’C and 120’C.
slow rotary velocity centrifugal pump
ISWD. ISGD slow rotary velocity vertical centrifugal pump matches slow rotary velocity motor on the basis of ISGD-type vertical centrifugal pump, notably decreases the working noise, prolongs daily life span of conveniently broken elements. It’s primarily utilized to freezing water, cooling water circulation of air-conditioning, terminal boosting, local or terminal boosting circulation of municipal heating method, community constant voltage of city constructive fire-fighting process, and setting of types of air-conditioning hot-water boiler.