Ever-power Scroll Air Compressor

Industrial Technology that’s Powerful, Quiet and Efficient

If you’re tired of the store compressor noise drowning out the rest, but still the necessity power to run commercial pneumatic tools, this small air compressor may be the ideal solution. The brand new Eastwood Elite Scroll Compressor can be more powerful, quieter and more efficient than any other surroundings compressor available. This atmosphere compressor make use of scroll technology that outcomes in a noise result only 63dBs*, making it the quietest compressor we’ve ever tested. Nonetheless it will operate every air flow tool in your shop with 12.7 CFM of output for drills, color guns and abrasive blasters.

Our Scroll Compressor is well suited for DIY auto workers who want to work powerful pneumatic tools without upsetting the neighbors. Using its dependable, long-lasting structure and affordable price in comparison to additional big brands, our R&D men have crafted the perfect compressed air source. Browse more about the advantages of scroll compressors below or contact our experts. We back them with a three-year warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee so you can Get the job done Right.

Innovative – Immediate Drive Cast Iron Scroll Pump
Integrated Air Cooler – Multi-stage oil filtration system
Low Noise Level – As low as 63dBs*
Compact Size – Functionality of a 60 gallon in the size of a 30 gallon
Powerful – 12.7 cfm @ 90 psi
Dependability – 100,000 hour pump life, 4 HP continuous duty motor, All steel pressure hard lines and hydraulic design flex lines
The quietest compressor we’ve EVER tested PLUS it will run every air tool in your shop!

*Using standard sound level tests conditions. Results may vary based on compressor location and oil-free air compress environment.
Only 63dBs* at 1 meter – No louder when compared to a typical conversation!
Similar in noise to your home A/C unit
Quieter than your atmosphere tools
*Using standard appear level tests conditions. Results may vary based on compressor area and environment.
1750 RPM Industrial Scroll Pump makes 12.7 CFM – enough air flow for small production shop
Similar in performance to systems costing 3x as much
Innovative technology maximizes air delivery to your tools
Direct Drive electric motor and pump eliminates belt noise, slippage and dust
CNC machined cast iron pump for extended life and max efficiency
Pressurized oil lubrication system assures 100,000 hour pump lifePLENTY OF AIR
The 1750 RPM commercial grade scroll pump produces 12.7 cfm and will be able to handle most air tools and paint guns.